Privacy Policy

Your security is very important to us.

We value your trust and are focused on ensuring and caring any close to personal or business data you give us. This documents, which we revise every now and then, depicts how we use and cycle your personal information. Moreover it reveals to you how you can contact in case of need with us in the event that you have inquiries regarding your data. To enhance your belief you can read our About Us page.

We always make a straight effort for all clients and well wishers data is kept private. In cases you actually have doubts about our security and approach, you can knock at us any time secretly by navigating our “Contact Us” page.

We assure our honorable readers will get more benefit in site. Thus, it’s implied how we will secure all their safety and security.

But sometime VromonBangla may want some informational data of you to enhance our visitor experience.

But if any how or for some reason (which is very rare) we aren’t able to protect your Privacy, in this case we are not responsible for this.